Emmerdale spoilers: Lydia Dingle and Liam Cavanagh for affair in another passion twist?

Will Liam and Lydia date? (Image via ITV)

Good Lord, Emmerdale is starting to resemble Love Island, with people staring everywhere and Liam (Jonny McPherson) in the spotlight.

Is the village’s doctor love, who has already slept with one taken woman, poised to cause trouble in Lydia’s (Karen Blick) marriage as well?

It turns out that Liam’s ability to write erotica makes him seductive to women, and as Wendy (Susan Cookson) can attest, his aptitude extends beyond the written word.

Despite her protests, he and Wendy’s relationship is still very much alive, and their tension is still very real.

When Lydia enters the café, they are almost visibly sparking, and she wants to get in on the writing activity (don’t worry, there isn’t yet a crazy threesome plot going on here).

She is oblivious of anything going on between Liam and Wendy, but now that she knows Liam is the author of her favourite risqué fiction, she wants to work with him to produce his next prize-winning work.

Wendy becomes upset when Lydia offers her uninvited opinions on his most recent work.

Wendy gets upset and departs, giving Lydia the chance to interact with Liam alone.

Later, as Lydia develops her concept for a twist in Liam’s book, Wendy comes just as the story begins to hit a little too close to home. As a result of this discomfort, Wendy is forced to fight burning jealousy over Lydia interfering with her position.

Will Wendy have to watch her man get stolen by another aspiring sidekick given that her and Liam’s former liaison is a secret and that she is in a relationship with Bob (Tony Audenshaw)?

Will Lydia succumb to Liam’s eroticism and let him woo her?

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