Coronation Street spoilers. Killer Stephen loses it and explodes at Elaine

It’s understandable why Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) isn’t in the best of moods after almost killing Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) in Coronation Street. Elaine was recently drugged by Stephen with the knowledge that if she passed away, he would receive a sizable inheritance as her next of kin. In addition to Stephen’s usual financial plight, … Read more

Emmerdale spoilers. Amelia’s obsession with social media leads her into danger from sinister pervert

In forthcoming Emmerdale episodes, Daisy Campbell’s Amelia Spencer gets drawn into a dark realm by her obsession with social media. The teenager uses her social media accounts to advertise and make money for Mandy’s (Lisa Riley) salon. Amelia rapidly realises, however, that publishing content online effectively gives anyone access to her content and profile, which … Read more