Coronation Street spoilers. Killer Stephen loses it and explodes at Elaine

Stephen seems to be thinking a lot (ITV photos)

It’s understandable why Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) isn’t in the best of moods after almost killing Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) in Coronation Street.

Elaine was recently drugged by Stephen with the knowledge that if she passed away, he would receive a sizable inheritance as her next of kin.

In addition to Stephen’s usual financial plight, he was in need of money to attempt to purchase Carla’s (Alison King) stock in the plant after Owen (Ben Hull) forewarned him that he would be fired as soon as he became the sole owner.

Stephen didn’t actually kill Elaine, therefore his deadly scheme failed.She had just passed out and was released home from the hospital after a few days.

Elaine is worried when Stephen yells at her while she is doing Tai-Chi since she is still unaware of his frustration.

Elaine is concerned about Stephen’s temperament, but when Michael (Ryan Russell) explains that it’s probably because he misses Canada, she’s intrigued.

When Stephen mentions that it’s Canada Day at the end of the week, Elaine comes up with a plan and gets ready to cheer him up.

Elaine was recently abandoned by Stephen. (Image from ITV)

Elaine, Audrey (Sue Nicholls), Sarah (Tina O’Brien), and Michael barge in while waving Canadian flags just as Stephen is trying to dispute with Owen about his emotions for Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) and stealing money from Underworld.

Stephen fakes a smile, but is startled to see Elaine glaring at him. Why?

What is Elaine aware of?

Todd Boyce explained Stephen’s feelings for Jenny by saying, “The last thing he needs is Owen moving in on Jenny; they could end up being together for years and he only sees Elaine as a short-term thing before he gets together with Jenny.”

He is dating Elaine in order to make money and benefit from the relationship. He has been crazy for Jenny from the first time they kissed, and she is the objective in his eyes.

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