Emmerdale spoilers. Amelia’s obsession with social media leads her into danger from sinister pervert

Amelia discovers that she is in grave danger. (Image from ITV)

In forthcoming Emmerdale episodes, Daisy Campbell’s Amelia Spencer gets drawn into a dark realm by her obsession with social media.

The teenager uses her social media accounts to advertise and make money for Mandy’s (Lisa Riley) salon. Amelia rapidly realises, however, that publishing content online effectively gives anyone access to her content and profile, which has a number of drawbacks.

Dan (Liam Fox), who is already upset with Amelia for skipping college, is taken aback when Noah (Jack Downham) says that he secretly looked through Amelia’s phone and discovered some unsettling messages.

The following day, Amelia is upset with Dan for taking her laptop and phone, but she becomes sidetracked when a man who claims to be a client enters the salon.

This man, Lloyd, starts stalking Amelia with an intense and greedy desire, and he quickly admits that he’s the biggest fan of her page.

When Amelia admits that she mistakenly believed Lloyd to be a woman, Lloyd is greatly shocked, and when he requests one-on-one time, Amelia is stranded in the salon.

Thankfully, Mandy returns, but as soon as Lloyd departs, the messages quickly resume.

Mandy consoles Amelia (Image credit: ITV)

Amelia then receives a letter confirming Lloyd is aware of her address, which makes the situation even worse because he also manages to obtain her phone number.

Dan decides to intervene and contact the police, but will that be sufficient to deter Lloyd?

Could the police claim they lack sufficient proof to detain Lloyd for a crime, leaving Amelia afraid he would resurface?

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