Spoilers for Coronation Street: Gav lashes out at Max and Bec in shocking moments

Heading to Weatherfield is Gav. (Images via ITV)

In Coronation Street, Max Turner’s (Paddy Bever) attempt to reconcile Gav and Bec (Noah Olaoye) has disastrously failed.

Why? Oh, because Bec suddenly has feelings for Max and wants to spend time with him rather than Gav.

While in the STC, Max met Gav and promised to do his best to demonstrate to Bec how much he had changed.

While Bec and Max have spent time together, it seems that she has forgotten about Gav. This presents a problem for them both the following week when Gav is released and travels to Weatherfield.

Max is startled when he sees Gav coming towards the area and declares that he wants to wed Bec.

Gav grabs Max in a fit of wrath when Max informs his friend that Bec has moved on and is now going out with him.

When Max spots Bec, he yells at her to escape, but does Bec have any secrets of her own?

Gav and Bec no longer have a desire to remain together (ITV).

And how much will change when Lauren (Cait Fitton), a character Max first encountered while a member of Griff’s gang, shows up later on in the week and discloses that she is currently homeless and sleeping at the bus station?

Will Lauren and Bec end up involving Max in their conflict?

Regarding his character’s past relationships, Paddy Bever remarked, “I would like to see him find love with someone who has good intentions for him, with someone who is not going to bring about danger for him.”

“I’d like to see him find love with someone who can weather the storms with him instead of bringing them on,” she said.

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