Spoilers for Emmerdale: Noah is disgusted by what he observes from Amelia’s online followers.

Noah aims to assist. (Images via ITV)

Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) quickly realises his girlfriend is a little naive to the hazards that lurk on her various platforms as Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) continues to spend a lot of time on social media in Emmerdale.

Amelia is establishing a presence online to assist Mandy’s (Lisa Riley) salon company grow and to make extra money to support Esther and her dad.

She is quite excited about the idea of being well-known on social media, but in following episodes, it seems that Amelia is devoting a little too much time to this endeavour as Dan (Liam Fox) learns that she has been missing college.

Amelia becomes irritated when Noah raises his worries, pointing out that she prioritises social media over other things, and says he ought to be supportiveā€”or not get involved at all.

Noah sneaks a peek at Amelia’s phone alerts after helping her with her college work and is startled by what he sees.

Many folks have been sending Amelia messages. (Image from ITV)

When Noah and Dan are alone, Noah confides in Dan what he has observed, and Dan decides to take Amelia’s laptop and phone away.

When a man named Lloyd walks into the salon and tells Amelia that he is the most active subscriber on her page, the situation only becomes worse.

She doesn’t understand this because it’s clear that she thought Lloyd was a woman.

Fortunately, Mandy appears and rescues her employee after Lloyd traps Amelia in the salon by demanding one-on-one time.

Dan makes the decision to call the police as Lloyd’s messages keep coming in and a letter from Amelia’s stalker verifies that Lloyd now knows where they reside.

But can the cops be of any assistance here?

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