Charley Webb confirms Debbie Dingle’s return to Emmerdale.

In Emmerdale, Charley portrayed Debbie Dingle. (Image from ITV)

When Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb’s character) visited the village to exact revenge on Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), we last saw Charley Webb in Emmerdale in 2021.

Debbie and Priya Kotecha (Fiona Wade) joined forces to exact revenge on the evil person who had been seeing them both concurrently.

Debbie and her mother Charity (Emma Atkins) had a major falling out before Debbie departed because Al had tricked Charity into telling the truth about how Debbie had set him up. After that, Debbie declared that she no longer had a relationship with her mother.

A “source” told the media that Charley was “closing the door on Emmerdale for good and won’t be going back” after she left the show, leading to reports that she wouldn’t be taking over the position again.

Nevertheless, Debbie’s presence is still very much present because characters, including her mother Charity, frequently bring to Debbie. Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) took Chloe to stay with Debbie for a time in the current storyline concerning her becoming pregnant with Mackenzie Boyd’s (Lawrence Robb) child.

Fans would love to see Debbie come back, and Charley recently gave her Instagram followers a glimmer of hope by using a Q&A session to express how much she missed the Dales.

One fan enquired, “When will we see you back on our screens?” along with inquiries about her kids’ hair and advice on handling stress and worry. I cannot wait!

Before the year is out, Charley replies.

It’s unclear at this point whether this will air on Emmerdale or if she has any other projects in the works.

She will shortly make an appearance in The Long Shadow, a TV miniseries in which she plays a policewoman. Her first significant TV role since leaving Emmerdale was in the BBC drama Better, which is available on iPlayer. This will be her second major TV role.

Charley has many friends in Emmerdale and recently posted photos of a reunion with her coworkers and best friends Zoe Henry (Rhona Goskirk), Charlotte Bellamy (Laurel Thomas), and Emma Atkins.

In 2021, Charley left Emmerdale (Image: ITV).

She posted a video to Instagram with the caption, “Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales celebrating 20 years of friendship.” All the way to eternity.

Additionally, she is wed to David Metcalfe’s character Matthew Wolfenden from Emmerdale. Buster, Bowie, and Ace, the couple’s three sons, who were born in 2018, keep her very busy. The pair got married in 2018.

Charley is still very much involved with the show. But would she be considering making a comeback this year?

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