Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma is to blame for Young Bertie’s tragic death?

Daniel, Daisy, and Gemma become aware of the situation. (Images via ITV)

In Coronation Street, Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) briefly loses concentration and ends up endangering Daniel Osbourne’s (Rob Mallard) son.

Gemma’s emotions are running high after learning that her twin, Paul (Peter Ash), has MND, in addition to taking care of her kids and coping with the cost of living problem.

In upcoming episodes, a stressed-out Gemma (Barbara Knox) admits that she is suffering with everything that is going on and is beginning to feel like she did when she had PND after receiving a visit from Rita.

Daniel and Michael (Ryan Russell) drop Bertie and Glory off at No. 5 at the end of the week so Gemma can watch over them for the day. Gemma is now faced with a room full of kids and is unsure on how to handle the situation.

After learning that Gemma was returning to her antidepressants following a visit to Doctor Gaddas, Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) stops by and offers to help out for an hour while Gemma visits the cafe.

When Gemma arrives, Beth (Lisa George) confronts her and accuses her of being a slacker.
Gemma briefly shuts her eyes as Bertie searches through her luggage for the antidepressant pack at home.

When Daniel and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) come to pick him up, they are not pleased to see Gemma dozing off on the couch.

Gemma, the poor thing, has a lot on her plate (ITV).
But as soon as she starts to awaken, the three of them are shocked to see that Bertie has consumed the pills!

But what will happen in the end?

Can Gemma handle this ordeal and everything else that’s happening?

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