Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Toby-Alexander Smith, an EastEnders star, changed for an intriguing new TV role.

Toby-Alexander Smith, an EastEnders star, changed for an intriguing new TV role.

Grey was taken into custody last year (Image: BBC).

After leaving EastEnders, where he played Grey Atkins, Toby-Alexander Smith shared a photo teasering his upcoming television role.

Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) was married to Grey. They appeared to have the ideal family structure when they first came in 2019 with their kids, Mack and Mia, and Gray’s lucrative job as a luxury lawyer.

Behind closed doors, though, the narrative was very different. When Grey and Chantelle got into an argument, Grey pushed his wife onto an opening dishwasher, injuring her with the cutlery inside. The following year, Grey would kill Chantelle.

Grey assassinated Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw White) as he attempted to hide his participation in Chantelle’s death.

Tina was able to conclude that Grey killed Chantelle because of her past experiences with violent partners. Tina passed away just as she was about to expose the truth, and the Argee Bhajee’s floorboards later revealed her body.

Grey killed Kush in 2021 by shoving him in front of an approaching Underground train. Grey killed Kush in an effort to stop him from leaving and starting a new life with Whitney (Shona McGarty), with whom he had become obsessed.

The end of Kush’s life in Walford caused a significant outcry among EastEnders viewers. Many criticised Kush’s final scenes for having a number of story gaps and claimed that he deserved a better resolution.

When the truth about Gray’s actions and the killings of Kush, Chantelle, and Tina was made public last year, he was arrested.

Grey won’t be returning to Walford anytime soon now that he’s in jail.

Grey killed Tina, Kush, and Chantelle (Image: BBC).

Toby Alexander-Smith has been mostly focused on raising Bonnie, the little daughter he has with Amy Walsh from Emmerdale, since he left the BBC One serial opera.

But it seems like Toby has returned to playing the part.

On June 25, the actor posted a photo on his Twitter account along with the caption, “Who’s the new guy?”

In an outfit that suggests he’s been busy filming a period drama, Toby is visible.

His devoted fans questioned whether he would appear in the upcoming Netflix series Bridgerton, which will centre on the romance between Lady Whistledown and Colin Bridgerton.
Amy, Toby’s partner, will shortly return to Emmerdale as Tracy Metcalfe after taking maternity leave from the soap opera.

Moira (Natalie J. Robb) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) intervene to try to assist Nate (Jurell Carter) when they suspect that he is attempting to obtain exclusive custody of his daughter, Frankie.

They start to wonder if Nate is actually going to crash Tracy’s wedding when they see Tracy entering the town hall while wearing a bridal gown.

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