Nicky’s new love interest in Emmerdale is cast, and he is a villager’s relative.

Jai’s cousin is Suni (Image: ITV).

It has been announced that a new character will soon move into the hamlet of Emmerdale, and he is Jai Sharma’s (Chris Bisson) cousin, so there may be pleasure in store for Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope).

The part of Suni will be played by Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana. He will travel to the Dales in time for the wedding of Jai and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), but he will also take part in the plot that just saw Jai learn that he is adopted.

After learning that he hasn’t actually seen his nephew in a while, Rishi (Bhasker Patel) hopes he can help to mend the father and son’s connection.

Will Suni’s entrance make things better between the two characters since Rishi is still refusing to tell Jai who his real father is and there doesn’t seem to be any attempt at reconciliation right now?

Suni is also planned to give Nicky a helpful diversion in other places. After learning about the scheme to destroy Home Farm, his relationship with Ally (Joshua Richards) ended, and he came dangerously close to going to jail for pushing Caleb (William Ash) into a ravine and abandoning him there. Basically, Nicky could use a little joy in his life right now.

Suni arrives just in time for his cousin Jai’s wedding to Laurel, according to executive producer Jane Hudson, but Nicky quickly starts taking advantage of his presence. We are overjoyed that Brahm has joined the Emmerdale clan. He certainly gets off to a fast start as we drop him immediately into a large Sharma.story

‘I’m thrilled to join the Emmerdale family,’ Brahm continued. It is strange to watch the show now after growing up watching it with my parents. I want to express my gratitude to everyone for making me feel so welcome.

After Nicky and Caleb’s scheme was made public, Ally dumped him (Image: ITV).

Suni is a confident, alluring, and highly fashion-conscious woman who is eager to add some flair to the Emmerdale village. He has no problem being honest to himself and pursuing his goals in life. Making ensuring that there is realistic representation of actual people and conveying their genuine tales is, in my opinion, what Emmerdale accomplishes brilliantly.

I genuinely hope to do Suni credit, and I appreciate Emmerdale and its supporters for the opportunity. “Bringing a wonderful character like Suni to life on a continuing drama is incredibly important to me as it gives exposure to a demographic which is sadly still under-represented,” Suni said.

The first scenes featuring Suni will air soon.

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