Corrie Street fans are clamouring for their “dream team.” Cassie is made public by Maureen Lipman and Claire Sweeney.

Cassie was rushed to hospital as Evelyn’s past came back to haunt her (Picture: ITV)

In the episode of Coronation Street airing on Wednesday, June 28, Claire Sweeney made her acting debut as Cassie, drug-addicted Evelyn Plummer’s (Maureen Lipman) daughter.

When Cassie emerged from the café, Evelyn saw her for the first time in a long time. Evelyn pretended not to see her daughter as she stood there waiting for a conversation, but she still made the decision to leave.

Evelyn missed the opportunity to chat with Roy (David Neilson) and Yasmeen (Shelley King) at the cafe that evening because she had gotten a call from the hospital notifying her that Cassie had been admitted to A&E.

Evelyn confronted Cassie as soon as she opened her eyes, asking why she was at Weatherfield.

Evelyn was certain that Cassie must have used the money to purchase drugs, which is why she wound up in the hospital, despite Cassie’s claim that she needed the money for her electricity card.

It was very evident that the mother-daughter connection was irreparably damaged. Evelyn looked exhausted, and it was obvious that she had dealt with Cassie in a similar position many times before. She would wind up in the hospital, make an effort to stop using, but soon succumb, and the cycle would begin again.

Even though it appeared as though Evelyn was living the same narrative again, this time, there was a significant difference: Cassie was aware that she was living with Tyrone (Alan Halsall).

When Tyrone was a newborn, Evelyn left him in a police station. After that, Jackie Dobbs reared him, but Tyrone didn’t realise Jackie wasn’t his biological mother until he met Evelyn.

Tyrone’s biological mother is Cassie (Image: ITV).

Tyrone was adopted, according to Evelyn, since she didn’t think Cassie could care for him. Cassie claimed that she had a right to see her son, but Evelyn revealed that Tyrone thought his mother had passed away.

The scenes were tremendously moving, and the audience loved them. They even dubbed Claire Sweeney and Maureen Lipman the “dream team”!

One viewer said, “Maureen Lipman as Evelyn is the best signing Corrie has made in such a long time!”

Even though I’ve had the good fortune to have a really diversified career for almost 40 years, Claire stated when she joined the cast, “Being cast in Coronation Street is, to me, better than being cast in a Hollywood movie!”

I’ve watched it my entire life and yet find it hard to imagine that I will soon be walking on those fabled cobblestones. I was extremely excited and appreciative when I received the phone from Iain MacLeod telling me that he was trusting me to portray Tyrone’s mother and work with one of my heroes, Dame Maureen Lipman. I was extremely scared when I received the scripts to audition since this show means so much to me and my family and this is Corrie gold.

I really hope the audience will like seeing Cassie as much as I’m going to enjoy portraying her! Cassie is a character that is surely going to make an impact.

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