Emmerdale spoilers: horrific attack, surprise pregnancy, and Tracy’s wedding twist

Shocks everywhere this week (ITV image)

The following week, a well-known character makes an appearance in Emmerdale and is immediately drawn into the turmoil because she is ready to get married.

Jeff Hordley and Natalie J. Robb’s Cain and Moira Dingle are worried that Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) intends to put an end to Tracy Shankley’s (Amy Walsh) wedding, so Cain takes a typically extreme measure.

Will Cain realise he made a mistake after abducting Nate?

A happy Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) announces that she is expecting a child over at Home Farm.

But despite the festivities, not everyone is joyful?

Meanwhile, Dan (Liam Fox) gave odd tormentor Lloyd a one-finger smack when he wouldn’t leave Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) alone.

Will he regret it, though?

Here is a preview of next week.

Monday July 3

Tracy is spotted with an attractive man while wearing her wedding gown. (Image from ITV)

Nicola informs Moira and Cain that Nate is going to the town hall. They hurry off to stop him because they think he’s about to do something dumb and argue for Frankie’s custody.

Cain and Moira believe Nate is preparing to interrupt Tracy’s wedding after seeing her outside the Registry Office with a man. Before Nate enters the house, Cain takes decisive action and knocks him out while kidnapping him.

When Nate returns to the town in the van, he is horrified by what they have done.

Dan is certain that he has effectively deterred Lloyd as comforted Amelia confirms that she has blocked his number.

A very severe PC Swirling, however, shows up fairly quickly; Lloyd has filed a complaint about Dan after his threats from yesterday. Dan is cautioned by Swirling not to impose his own rules.

Laurel hopes to help Rishi and Jai’s relationship flourish. Rishi is hoping for a reunion with his son despite Jai’s dismissiveness.

Wendy and Liam are eager to carry on their relationship.

Tuesday July 4

Dan expresses his pride in Amelia (ITV image)

Naomi’s financial struggles make Victor upset, and he encourages her to share in Vinny’s windfall.

Dan expresses to Amelia his pride in her. She is glad and relieved that everything in her life are now going in the correct path.

Tensions are increased by the wedding’s aftermath and the kidnapping.

Wednesday July 5

Dan criticises Lloyd (ITV image)

Dan’s admonition seemed to have had no impact because evil Lloyd shows up at the church. Although Lloyd tries to calm Amelia down, she is terrified.

Dan’s positive attitude is soon derailed when he observes Lloyd and Amelia together. Dan snaps and punches Lloyd as he marches over from outside the garage to confront his daughter’s blatant stalker.

When Vinny offers to lend Naomi some money, Naomi is surprised and, with Victor’s encouragement, she accepts.

Thursday July 6

Victor allegedly received free beers from Naomi (ITV image)

Vinny gives the money to a happy Naomi, who is tempted when Victor advises her to keep it rather than use it to pay off her debts.

Later, Naomi quits her job and storms out after being accused of giving Victor free drinks.

Furious about what happened, Naomi lashes out at her grandfather and admits to being quite tempted by Victor’s advice to take her money and leave the community to live her life.

In the trash, Kim discovers a pregnancy test. As soon as Dawn becomes ill, Gabby rapidly dispels her suspicions, making it quite apparent whose test it truly is.

Billy is ecstatic to learn that Dawn is pregnant when he gets there.

Friday July 7

Ryan is not popular with Charity. (Image from ITV)

Ryan has granted his girlfriend Gail a job at the Woolpack, which has angered Charity and Marlon.

Except for the downcast Gabby, everyone is happy for Dawn’s pregnancy.

There are repercussions for someone’s actions.

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