EastEnders’ Yolande set to return – so what does this mean for Patrick?

Oh, yeah! (Image: BBC)

Yolande Trueman is FINALLY making a comeback to EastEnders, more than a decade after her initial appearance.

We recently observed that Patrick (Rudolph Walker) had left the house to visit his ex-wife, who was last seen challenging an ill Denise Fox (Diane Parish) while serving as the Minute Mart executive.

Many viewers believe Yolande to be Patrick’s perfect match. They were in a lovely relationship up until Patrick had an inappropriate relationship with the much-missed Pat Evans.

Yolande’s attraction to Patrick became apparent, and as soon as she returns, romance is certain.

Will they ever again feel joy? (Image: BBC)

I have been really looking forward to playing her again and have had a great time on set so far, said well-known actress Angela Wynter. I’m so grateful to the cast and crew for giving me such a warm welcome back.

‘I’m pleased to bring the incredibly talented Angela back to the character of Yolande Trueman,’ said showrunner Chris Clenshaw.

Despite the fact that we haven’t seen Yolande in a while, their unresolved issues stem from both her leaving the Square and her failed marriage to Patrick, a local hero in Walford.

Will they meet again? (Image: BBC)

We therefore believed it was critical to consider a reconciliation between the two. We are overjoyed that she is returning and can’t wait for the character to stick around for a while.

The plot surrounding Yolande’s homecoming is still up in the air, and whether or not she will reconcile with Patrick is a well guarded secret.

Soon after returning from his trip overseas, Patrick discovers his family in disarray.

Following a vehicle accident, Kim (Tameka Epson) is facing prison, and Denise (Diane Parish) is working to help her.

Due of Denise’s advocacy for her sister, Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) has become extremely bitter.

It’s unclear if Kim, who experiences panic episodes, will go to jail.

Patrick’s attention, though, appears to be elsewhere.

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