Emmerdale spoilers: Nate exacts violent retaliation at Tracy’s unexpected wedding?

Is Nate planning to swoop in and convince Tracy they should be together? (Picture: ITV)

Last year, when Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) briefly visited Emmerdale with baby Frankie, it didn’t take long for her and Nate (Jurell Carter), the father of Frankie, to start ripping each other’s clothes off.

After Nate cheated on her, Tracy left the village and moved to Nottingham with her kid to start a new life.

But as soon as she caught sight of Nate once more, it became obvious that she still had feelings for him, and desire quickly followed.

Tracy acknowledged to her sister Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) that she still had feelings for Nate, despite the fact that he was at the time engaged to Ollie and seemed content with Naomi (Karene Peter).

She once more departed the community because it appeared that she and Nate were not meant to be together.

After taking a maternity vacation, Amy Walsh has started filming again. She told us that there were times when it seemed like there was still some love between them. They “had a little fling” at that point and moved apart.”

Future episodes will see Nate learning that Tracy and Frankie have returned to the Dales.

He’s agitated, and Moira (Natalie J. Robb) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) worry that he’ll try to battle for Frankie’s custody as he rushes off to the town hall.

They go out to stop him because they realise it would be a mistake for him to engage Tracy in this manner of combat.

When they arrive, they learn that Tracy, who is waiting outside the registry office with a lovely man, is about to get married. Nate’s plan to interfere with the wedding is realised by Cain and Moira.

It’s Tracy’s big day but is disaster ahead? (Picture: ITV)

They conclude they can’t allow Nate to act so rashly since they are worried about the effects on his potential relationship with Frankie.

I believe it is realistic; if you have a child with someone, there will always be that attraction between you, and they still had that sexual chemistry, Amy said. “Given how they left it, it’s not crazy to think that it might happen again.”

Is Nate going to intervene and persuade Tracy that she ought to be with him after all?

Before we can find out, Cain intervenes by ‘kidnapping’ his son, knocking him out in the process, and loading him into a van. And Nate is not a happy man when he returns.

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