Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale After her husband passed away, Susan Cookson from Emmerdale was prepared to retire from acting.

After her husband passed away, Susan Cookson from Emmerdale was prepared to retire from acting.

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Actress Susan Cookson of Emmerdale acknowledged that she was prepared to give up performing (ITV photo).

Susan Cookson, a star of Emmerdale, confessed that after the untimely passing of her husband, she thought about switching to nursing.

Prior to his passing in 2018 due to a brain tumour, the actress, 58, who portrays Wendy Posner in the ITV serial, was wed to Malcolm Scates, who starred in The Inbetweeners.

Susan said that after his passing, she was prepared to give up acting so she could train as a nurse and assist others.

Through various circumstances, she said she had reached a crossroads in her life and had made the decision she wanted a more consistent job.

I began to consider switching occupations and entering the nursing field. I had taken care of my very ill husband, who regrettably is no longer with us.

And I’d portrayed a number of doctors and nurses over the years, so it was a career I understood a little something about, she said to the Mirror.

Susan portrays Wendy the nurse in the ITV soap opera (ITV image).

The celebrity, however, received a phone call giving her a part as nurse Wendy in Emmerdale as she was travelling to meet with a nursing manager for guidance.

Susan has now played devoted mother Wendy in Emmerdale for four years. Susan is well recognised for her role as Maggie Coldwell in Casualty from 2005 to 2009.

Although her character recently fell in love with Bob Hope, regular viewers will be aware that Wendy is playing with fire because she has lately started a passionate relationship with Dr. Liam Cavanagh, who is portrayed by actor Jonny McPherson, 41.

The actress is a Sheffield resident and the mother of kids Dan, 21, and Ruari, 27.

Her husband Malcolm, a well-known actor who appeared on shows like Shameless, Holby City, Waterloo Road, The Bill, and Doctors, unfortunately went away in 2016. The couple had been married since 1993 and enjoyed a happily-ever-after relationship.

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