Claire Sweeney of Coronation Street responds to the ‘wonderful’ fan response to Cassie’s debut.

When Claire made her Corrie debut, she received feedback from the audience (Images: Dave Hogan/Hogan Media/Shutterstock/ITV).

In Coronation Street, Claire Sweeney, a former Brookside star, made a stunning comeback as Evelyn Plummer’s (Maureen Lipman) drug-addicted daughter Cassie.

In her first episodes, she was thrust right into the drama as Cassie overdosed on heroin before discovering that Evelyn had informed Tyrone (Alan Halsall) that she had passed away.

She frightened Evelyn when she saw her estranged daughter in the middle of a chat with Tyrone after leaving the hospital.

Cassie had lied about her identity, which was fortunate for Evelyn because Tyrone hadn’t identified her from the pictures.

After the episodes in which Evelyn pledged to assist Cassie in becoming clean, people praised their performances and dubbed them a “dream team.”

Actress Claire Sweeney received a tonne of comments on social media, to which she tweeted a response.

She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and thanked everyone for their ‘kind words’ in the letter to followers.

Fans responded to her tweet by praising her performance and stating they ‘can’t wait to see more’ of her in future episodes.

Claire made her debut as Cassie in Corrie last week (Picture: ITV)

When it was originally disclosed that Claire would be joining the Corrie cast, she said it would be a more exciting job for her than being in a Hollywood film.

“Even though I’ve had the good fortune to have had an incredibly varied career for almost 40 years, I still think getting a role in Coronation Street is better than getting a role in a Hollywood film.”

I’ve watched it my entire life and yet find it hard to imagine that I will soon be walking on those fabled cobblestones. I was extremely excited and appreciative when I received the phone from Iain MacLeod telling me that he was trusting me to portray Tyrone’s mother and work with one of my heroes, Dame Maureen Lipman. I was extremely scared when I received the scripts to audition since this show means so much to me and my family and this is Corrie gold.

I really hope the audience will like watching Cassie as much as I’m going to enjoy portraying her! Cassie is a character that is surely going to make an impact!

Even though Cassie and Evelyn left the neighbourhood at the conclusion of the previous week, it is said that they plan to return later this year.

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