Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn loses her child in a devastating tragedy?

Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn loses her child in a devastating tragedy?

Billy and Dawn make an effort to speak with Clemmie (ITV image).

In forthcoming Emmerdale episodes, Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Billy (Jay Kontzle) learn some good news when a pregnancy test reveals that Dawn is actually expecting a child.

A checkup reveals further information. Dawn is 16 weeks pregnant, which is earlier than she had anticipated. While she and Billy are thrilled about the prospect of starting a family, they are worried about how to inform their children, especially Clemmie (Mabel Addison).

After Dawn attended the burial of an old friend and found the friend’s daughter dozing off in a dog basket in a drug addict’s home, they decided to adopt the child. As a result of having the same father, Alex (Liam Boyle), Clemmie is actually Lucas’ half-sister.

Dawn wanted Clemmie to join her family as a result of their bond. Billy was reluctant at first but eventually consented. Although Clemmie’s behaviour has occasionally been difficult, the pair is aware that it is a result of her difficult upbringing, and they have made every effort to help her feel safe and comfortable. When they received the okay to formally adopt her, they were ecstatic.

Therefore, they decide to wait until after her birthday and focus on giving her the finest birthday ever to emphasise how much they love her. They realise that telling her that there will be a new member to the family is a significant thing.

Clemmie has trouble understanding the news (ITV image)

Unfortunately, after Clemmie’s old nanny Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) arrives to Home farm with a birthday card for her, the information is spilled during the birthday celebrations. Nicky was adored by the kids, but even after revealing his involvement in Caleb’s (William Ash) plot to bring down Kim Tate (Claire King), which involved pretending to be in love with Gabby (Rosie Bentham) despite being gay, he is still allowed to stay at Home Farm.

As soon as he enters the home, Gabby kicks him out. After experiencing emotional upheaval, Gabby unintentionally informs the kids that Dawn is pregnant.

Billy and Dawn’s concerns about Clemmie’s reaction come true, as the small girl’s entire world is upended by this information. She is certain they won’t want her after the birth of the new child.

As she becomes more and angrier, she loses control and punches Dawn in the stomach with a table stool. Dawn crumples in agony.

Back at Home Farm, Clemmie is appalled by what she’s done and hides out of fear for what might happen to Dawn and her later as Billy rushes Dawn to A&E.

The baby is unharmed, which is wonderful news at the hospital, but before Dawn and Billy can tell Clemmie everything is alright, the young girl lets herself out of the back door and disappears into the night.

What will she do next? Will Dawn and Billy be able to locate her in time to save her from harm?

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