Lisa Fowler’s comeback story on EastEnders is revealed, and she has a big secret.

Lisa has returned, but she’s keeping something a secret (Photo credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

As we were still processing Cindy Beale’s (Michelle Collins) unexpected homecoming, Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) will surprise us with another comeback when she returns to Albert Square in EastEnders.

Lisa shows up in Walford carrying her granddaughter Peggy and determined to exact revenge.

She has a pretty decent notion of how to make Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) pay for how he treated Louise, and she is determined to make him suffer.

There is little doubt that Lisa is strapped for cash as she flees the scene after getting out of the cab on the Square.

During her escape, Lisa runs into Sonia, who invites her over for a cup of coffee. As the two start talking, Lisa soon confesses that Louise Mitchell, who had gone off the rails, had been causing havoc in Portugal.

Actress Lucy Benjamin said, “She’s saying that she turned to drink and to drugs and that she would just go missing for weeks on end.” As a result, Lisa essentially had to take care of Peggy.

Louise “went to pot” after they moved away because of what had happened between Sharon (Letitia Dean) and Keanu, and everything around her fell apart. Lisa was forced to take charge of Peggy as a result.

After the catch up, Lisa’s attempt to disappear is foiled when she runs across her ex-boyfriend Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), with whom she has an unpleasant encounter.

An unpleasant encounter between Phil and Lisa (Image:: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Lisa is adamant about waiting until she has the chance to face Keanu because he is still ignorant of her presence on the Square.

Unfortunately, Sonia’s incompetent companion Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman) quickly informs Keanu that Lisa and his daughter have returned to London.

Keanu hurries over to meet her in an effort to make things right, but is taken aback when she starts making demands regarding money…

The following day, much to Phil’s chagrin, who can’t believe Lisa would allow Keanu to be anywhere near their granddaughter, he and fiancée Sharon Watts get ready to introduce son Albie to his half-sister.

Keanu and Lisa square off (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

When everything goes well during the visit, Keanu asks Lisa if he can spend more time with Peggy. However, when Lisa outlines her complete list of requests, Keanu is appalled.

Actor Danny Walters said, “He understands he hasn’t been there for Peggy over the years, whether that’s in terms of finances or whether that’s in terms of emotionally, he knows he’s never been there.”

Therefore, he is aware that he must make reparations. When Lisa begins asking for money from him, he sort of realises that he needs to make up with both Lisa and his daughter.

“But when she gets a little too greedy and starts to ask for quite a large sum of money, which isn’t really justified, but she knows that Keanu is already emotionally attached to his daughter,” she says.

As Keanu seeks assistance from Reiss, it quickly becomes apparent why Lisa is in such a severe need of money.

Later, during a contentious discussion about Louise with Lisa, Phil admits that he believes she is hiding something and expresses his displeasure that she spent the entire day with Peggy at the Queen Vic.

Lisa is alarmed as Phil swears to find out what she’s hiding.

Will her identity be revealed?

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