Spoilers for EastEnders: Chelsea reunites with Ravi but lays forth one strict requirement

Chelsea and Ravi decide to give their relationship another try, but with one stipulation (Image: BBC).

In recent EastEnders scenes, Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams), who had previously warned another woman away from Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) during a party, eventually gave in to her true love for him.

After a passionate night together, Chelsea began to question whether she truly wanted to move forward with a relationship given their past.

When Chelsea first learned that Ravi had been having an affair with her mother Denise Fox (Diane Parish), he had used her to blackmail her, leaving her sad.

She stopped things right there and then despite his admittance that he had subsequently experienced genuine affections for her and wanted to be with her.

He has been attempting to win her back ever since, and when a contentious argument turned passionate, he finally succeeded.

The following day, Chelsea confided in Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) that she felt different this time, but she was still unsure of where they stood.

Later, she sat down with Patrick (Rudolph Walker), who told her to only date men who have eyes for one woman and pointed out that she deserved much better than Ravi.

Chelsea was able to decide on her future thanks to Patrick’s counsel, and she later travelled to Walford East to permanently break up with Ravi.

Chelsea told Whitney about her worries. (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

However, when she arrived and saw that he had closed the restaurant to prepare a romantic lunch and champagne exclusively for her, things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Chelsea was given another chance but was in critical condition when Ravi acknowledged that she was the one for him and that he thought they had a particular connection.

He needed to quit using dating apps and seeing other people if they were going to take things seriously after she admitted that situational relationships weren’t good enough for her anymore.

She stated that Ravi should only look at her and that their children needed stability.

As soon as he accepted her offer, he got out his phone to remove the dating apps before bringing her close for a kiss.

Will everything keep going well for the couple, or are their good times over?

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