Video spoiler for Coronation Street: Tragedy as Gemma sleeps and Bertie faces death

This new video captures the moment young Bertie puts himself in danger while Gemma isn’t looking in Friday’s (July 7) episode of Coronation Street. It all becomes a little too much for Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell).

In addition to caring for Bertie and Glory, Gemma is also raising the quads and Joseph (William Flanagan), working at the bar, and dealing with the idea that Paul (Peter Ash), who was recently diagnosed with MND, is dying.

In short, Gemma has a lot on her plate right now, so it is understandable why she is having trouble.

Gemma had a full schedule of activities for the week. Rita (Barbara Knox), who was watching the kids, fortunately dropped over for a chat.

After the quads were born, Gemma made the decision to talk with Doctor Gaddas and shared that she had begun to experience PND-like symptoms.

Bertie encounters difficulties. (Images via ITV)

In this new video, a worn-out Gemma struggles to find five minutes of alone while caring for so many kids.

She lies down on the couch and briefly closes her eyes, but Bertie, Daniel’s (Rob Mallard) son, is able to retrieve Gemma’s antidepressants from her suitcase while she is dozing off.

When Daniel and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) arrive to take him up, they quickly come to the horrifying realisation that it will result in Bertie engulfing them.

Will Bertie be ok, though?

And with everything Gemma already has going on, how will this affect her?

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