Emmerdale spoilers: The groom is devastated as Laurel and Jai’s major wedding drama is disclosed.

Of course there won’t be any easy sailing (Images: ITV)

Emmerdale’s wedding planning has been dogged by uncertainty practically from the moment Jai (Chris Bisson) and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) got engaged.

Jai’s first mission was to locate the divorce documents that would officially end his marriage to Megan Macey. While looking for the documents, he came discovered an adoption certificate that proved he is not the biological son of Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel), as he had long assumed.

Rishi has since told Jai a portion of the truth. He claimed that although Georgia (Lin Blakley), Jai’s mother, was carrying Jai when Rishi first met her, she is actually his biological mother. Jai was raised by him ever after he made the decision to adopt him as his own son.

He still hasn’t revealed who Jai’s father is or why he kept it all a closely-guarded secret for so long, but all will be revealed during Laurel and Jai’s wedding in a stunning way.

The moment Georgia unexpectedly arrives by cab in the village, Jai experiences his first shock. He tells her to return home because he is just as furious with her as he is with Rishi for keeping the adoption a secret.

The wedding takes place the following day, and it gets off to the perfect start, with Laurel showing up and looking stunning in her vintage-inspired wedding dress.

Later, when Rishi and Georgia show up and Rishi has something to say, the atmosphere changes. When Rishi tells Jai who his biological father is, he is astounded.

Will there be tears on the big day? (Image from ITV)

Jai finds it difficult to digest the devastating information that he has just been given. Rishi storms out as a heated dispute breaks out between Jai, Rishi, and Georgia as tensions mount.

As the wedding is about to take place, Jai informs Georgia he wants her to be at the church and invites Rishi as well. Georgia attempts to contact Rishi, but as she waits at the chapel, it appears that he won’t arrive.

Will Rishi arrive in time to the church? Will there be no more problems with Jai and Laurel’s wedding?

What is most intriguing is who Jai’s biological father is.

Chris Bisson said, “He is feeling both anxious and excited about the wedding.”

He is anxiously anticipating his father’s attendance at his wedding, which he hopes will take place.

Although they had a serious falling out, it is now known who his real father is. He’s still processing it and coming to grips with it, but at least he knows the truth. His mother also helps him recognise that Rishi has always treated him like a son, cared for him, and loved him.

He has come to the realisation that without his dad present, he will regret not having him there. Both of them will.

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