Star of Emmerdale was ‘p***ing and picking his nose’ when Chris Hemsworth spotted him in an outrageous incident.

The Hollywood star was able to enter Max’s bathroom (Image: Getty).

Max Parker, a former Emmerdale actor, has been talking about the time Chris Hemsworth, a Hollywood actor, discovered him picking his nose while using the loo.

In the ITV serial opera, the actor who played Luke Posner shared the incident on Threads, a social media site that many have flocked to as a result of recent changes on Twitter.

Max gave a time breakdown. When Chris Hemsworth was able to open his cubicle door, he discovered him in a humiliating situation.

‘Chris Hemsworth somehow opened my locked cubicle door and saw me sneezing while picking my nose,’ he wrote about the Marvel actor. I’m going to remember that time.

Luke was represented by Max from 2019 until 2021. Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) was left wondering why Luke let Robert Sugden get away with murder after Luke believed he had a hand in the death of his brother and rapist Lee.

Luke was dating Victoria Sugden at the time. (Image from ITV)

Actor Max went on to appear in Netflix’s Blood, Sex, and Royalty and has recently been cast in The Corps, which will also air on the streaming service and tells the tale of gay high school student Cameron, played by 13 Reasons Why star Miles Heizer, who joins the Marine Corps with his best friend. Luke decided to leave the village and start anew.

Luke is in a relationship with Kris Mochrie, who played Lee Posner on the television series Emmerdale.

The couple began dating in 2020, and it was confirmed last year that they are now engaged.

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