A new Coronation Street spoiler reveals the horror surrounding Billy and Paul’s deaths.

In a new Coronation Street clip, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) has a crucial question for Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), but it’s not the one Billy is anticipating hearing.

Paul makes an appointment at the motor neurone disease clinic after receiving his diagnosis a few months earlier.

He discovers Shelly from his support group sitting next to him while he waits.

As they converse, he is struck by her upbeat outlook on life. She exhorts him to seize the initiative and accomplish all of his goals before it’s too late.

Paul goes home and informs Billy that Shelly has given him new insight into the situation and that he has a crucial question for her.

Billy is the recipient of a crucial inquiry from Paul, but Billy is not expecting it (ITV image)

Billy informs Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) of the good news, expecting that he is about to pop the question.

In the new video, Paul returns home to discover Billy dressed for a special, romantic occasion, having changed out of his professional clothes.

Paul expresses his worry that Billy would end up in trouble with “the big man” as he readies to pose his crucial question.

Paul is helped to make a decision by Shelly’s counsel (ITV picture)

Billy reassures him that no matter what, he will always put Paul first because he is his top priority.

Paul continues by saying that he would hate to put Billy in a situation where he would have to decide between his partner and his faith since what he wants and what Billy is permitted to do as a vicar don’t quite line up.

Billy, who is still confident that Paul is going to pop the question, implores him to just do it but is absolutely shocked when it turns out not to be a proposal at all.

Paul urges Billy to promise him that he will help him terminate his life as he discloses that he knows one day he won’t be able to do or say the things he wants to.

Billy’s expression dims as he is forced to make a significant choice.

Will he grant Paul’s challenging request?

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