Video spoiler for Emmerdale: Bob questions Wendy for infidelity

In Emmerdale, Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) is starting to sense the strain surrounding Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) as the dangers associated with her affair with Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) continue to mount.

After first becoming friends over their shared love of murder mystery shows, they had been moving clandestinely about for months. When Liam and Wendy aren’t exchanging crude remarks with one another, they’re either having sex on the operating table or disclosing personal information about their sex lives.

It’s probably better if we avoid talking about that.

The ITV soap opera’s Bernice (Samantha Giles) started to propagate the notion that Liam and Wendy were having an affair in Friday’s (July 21) episode. Wendy initially afraid that the town would learn the truth, but she later made an effort to hide it by claiming that she had been spending so much time with Liam while she was editing his book.

Bob has been ignorant of Wendy’s behaviour for months (Images: ITV).

Wendy mistakenly believed she had put an end to the rumours, but Bernice hadn’t bought the deception and had continued following her to the allotment with Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) in tow.

Bernice and Nicola were in utter disbelief as Wendy and Liam had a kiss in the shed at the allotments.

Bob will eventually learn the truth (Image: ITV).

Keeping a secret is not something Bernice is capable of doing, and she is going to play a part in letting Bob find out what his partner has been up to.

Bob and Wendy talk about Wendy’s most recent vacation in this new video.

Although Wendy claims she had sepsis-related classes to attend, it is obvious that Bob’s thoughts are elsewhere. Wendy disengages herself by claiming that she needs to unpack her belongings when he brings up Liam to test whether she will break.

Bob’s expression says it all. He must eventually face Wendy about her appalling affair, but will he have the guts to do so considering that it will need him to admit his spouse has been having an extramarital affair?

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