Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Spoilers for Emmerdale: Jai erupts in rage when his mother Georgia, who is portrayed by EastEnders legend, appears

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Jai erupts in rage when his mother Georgia, who is portrayed by EastEnders legend, appears

The Dales contain the EastEnders logo (Image from ITV)

Take Claudette, for example. There’s nothing like an unexpected parental arrival in Emmerdale, and for Jai (Chris Bisson), it’s just adding insult to injury after finding out he’s adopted.

To Jai’s utter chagrin, Georgia—played by Lin Blakely, who formerly played Pam in EastEnders—arrives in a cab without being called, proving that mums don’t require an invitation. He orders her to get back in the cab and ride home without giving her a chance to gather her belongings. Georgia, though, is not easily discouraged.

Later, feeling bold after a few beers, Rishi (Bhasker Patel) decides it’s time to confront Jai. Georgia runs into him as he is doing this. Unfortunately, Rishi speaks too soon and makes matters worse by revealing Georgia’s dark secret—that she once had an abortion. Nobody, least of all Georgia, finds it funny.

When the wedding day comes, Jai is completely distracted by his family’s conflict as Laurel dazzles him with her exquisite bridal outfit. But when Jai’s undesired parents show up, their high is short-lived. Rishi will also reveal who Jai’s biological father is, which will be yet another shocking revelation. That wasn’t on the list of wedding presents.

Due to Rishi’s ham-fisted approach, tensions escalate and arguments result, and Rishi storms off.

The big day has here! But how well will it go? (Image from ITV)

Georgia is still there for the wedding. There is no sign of Rishi. He ignores Georgia’s message pleading with him to attend the wedding when she is actually speaking to him from his home.

Jai is instead forced to say “I do” without his father present while having the news of his biological father reverberate through his mind.

Is it too late to help Georgia repair her son’s bond with his father? Rishi, are you ready to do something stupid?

On paper, everything always seems to be going well, but in a soap opera, unless your character is dissatisfied or something is wrong, you’re never actually busy. Thus, there will be a lot of Sharma drama in the future, Chris Bisson hinted.

In addition to being worried, he is both excited and nervous about the wedding. He badly wants to get married, but he is unsure if his father will actually go.

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