Spoilers for EastEnders: Keanu receives awful news following heartbreaking loss

Keanu’s anxiety levels rise. (Image: BBC)

In a recent EastEnders episode, Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) left Walford and went back to Portugal, taking Keanu Taylor’s character Danny Walters’ daughter Peggy with her. Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) was upset by this.

Keanu refused Lisa’s request for money in exchange for access to his daughter after learning that she had a serious gambling problem and was £40,000 in debt.

Keanu took Lisa and Peggy’s passports after realising that they wouldn’t give them up easily, and he also made a last-ditch legal effort to prevent Lisa from leaving the country. Lisa returned the passports and headed to Portugal.

Sharon (Letitia Dean) and Martin (James Bye), who Keanu is currently unaware of, assisted Lisa in escaping. Knowing his response would be, Sharon is plainly resolved to stay quiet about it.

Therefore, as this week’s episodes begin, Keanu is putting all of his energies into figuring out how to get his daughter back. He seeks advice from Eve (Heather Peace)’s lawyer acquaintance to learn what legal options are available to him in the struggle for access to Peggy.

And at that point, he receives some dire information. He is informed that he will be forced to pursue legal action through Portuguese courts if Peggy returns to Portugal. He’s warned that could take years, with no certainty of the outcome he’s hoping for.

What will Keanu do next? (Image: BBC)

Keanu (Lorraine Stanley), who is feeling down, visits Karen, and she offers a theory that gets him to consider. She claims that Lisa must have had assistance from someone in the home in order to recover the passports. There are not many choices left, and Keanu concludes that only one person could have carried it out.
John Fowler.

Despite the fact that he promptly kicks Martin out, he is still in the dark about Sharon’s involvement.

Can she conceal her actions from her fiance?

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