Spoilers for Emmerdale: Betrayed As Wendy’s relationship with Liam is revealed, Bob is distraught.

Bob’s poor! (Images via ITV)

In recent episodes of Emmerdale, Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) and Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) have struggled to keep their hands apart. Wendy, a nurse, claims she doesn’t want to lose her relationship with Bob (Tony Audenshaw), but she can’t help but steal moments with GP and part-time mystery writer Liam.

Bob, meantime, has been completely unaware of everything. Bernice (Samantha Giles), who has been showing more and more interest in him, has caused him to get momentarily sidetracked. Although there is some mutuality here, Bob has been trying to concentrate on making Wendy happy by getting her gifts and participating in activities they both enjoy, like bird watching.

Bob’s poor. The situation will only get worse as his world is ready to implode when he learns what Wendy has been doing to behind his back.

In subsequent episodes, Liam gives Wendy a night away as a surprise. Despite her sorrow about Bob, she informs him of her impending absence.

While everything is going on, Bernice has been conducting some investigation. She surprises Bob by revealing that she is fairly certain Wendy and Liam have been having an affair for some time. Bob doesn’t believe her, but after speaking with Bear (Joshua Richards), who lives in the same house as Liam, he quickly becomes sceptical. Bear claims that he believes the GP is seeing someone.

Bob has he understood? (Image from ITV)

When Bob calls the hotel, he learns that Liam and Wendy are present with one another, which confirms his suspicions. Bob is heartbroken, but Bernice is distraught for him.

Meanwhile, events have changed at the hotel. Finally realising that what she’s doing is wrong and not what she wants, Wendy changed her behaviour. She informs Liam that their relationship is finished and retires to a different bedroom to sleep.
And in a further twist, returning to the B&B Bob feels very tempted to sleep with Bernice since he believes he owes Wendy no allegiance at all.

Will Bob succumb to the urge? Will he regret it if he does? Will he be able to let Wendy go?

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