Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Stephanie Davis of Coronation Street remembers “going to hell and back” during the worst hours.

Stephanie Davis of Coronation Street remembers “going to hell and back” during the worst hours.

In Coronation Street right now, Stephanie is portraying Courtney Vance (ITV).

After taking a four-year acting hiatus, Stephanie Davis just made her Coronation Street reappearance as the seductive Courtney Vance.

The celebrity, who formerly portrayed Sinead O’Connor in Hollyoaks, has long been well-known and has faced many of challenges while in the public eye.

She has recently opened up about “going to hell and back” during her most trying periods after coming out on the other side as a “stronger,” more “resilient” woman.

Stephanie recently made a comeback to our screens as Courtney Vance, the wealthy businessman’s (Ryan Early) wife.

She courted young Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) in her early episodes, and the two had a passionate kiss.

After a four-year hiatus to be with her son Caben, Stephanie is now acting for the first time.

She told The Mirror, “I was in Hollyoaks for ten years, but while I was working, I never got to see Caben.” “He needs his mum, I need to be there,” I reasoned, so I took three or four years off. Those early years are so priceless.

When Stephanie stated her desire for a position in Coronation Street after signing with a new acting agent, she was given the opportunity to try out for the character of Courtney.

Stephanie admitted that she had struggled with addiction in the past, and given how difficult things were for her in the past, she is now able to enjoy her profession even more.

Courtney succeeded in seducing Aadi Alahan. (Image from ITV)

She admitted, “When I was in that bad phase, I was suicidal.” I could see no escape. I enjoy what I do now because I can demonstrate to others that they too can succeed if I can.

I am able to state, “This is where I was, this is what happened, and this is where I am right now.” It’s a gift that keeps on giving if I can assist them on their trip.

“Hell yes, I’m proud of myself! I’ve grown up and worked my tail off to be where I am today.” My father often says that one thing about me is a fighter, and I really am.

She continued by saying that she felt as though her past problems had taught her a lot and that she no longer recognised the person she once was.

“I’m thankful to have all the knowledge I do when I go back to that little child and to who I am today.

Everybody experiences ups and downs at various periods in their lives, but it’s during these trying times that you develop as a person, pick up the most important life lessons, and find yourself getting back on the right track.

“I don’t recognise the girl from my past, and sometimes it’s difficult for me to believe that was even me, let alone to understand what she went through.”

But I feel such love and compassion for her. She went through so much, and I’m really proud of her. It has shaped me into the resilient and powerful woman I am today.

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