Big clue about Little Mo’s return to EastEnders from Kacey Ainsworth

Fans are awaiting her return. (Image: BBC)

Fans of EastEnders have been holding out hope that Little Mo Slater, Freddie Slater’s mother, will return at some stage since Bobby Brazier’s character, Freddie Slater, moved back to Albert Square last year.

The popular Kacey Ainsworth figure, who left Walford in 2006 to live in Barnstaple with her little son Freddie, was last seen there.

Freddie is about to learn the horrifying fact that Graham Foster, his father, was a rapist (Alex McSweeney). Before raping Mo, he spent months earning her trust. Mo was dating Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) when she found out she was pregnant, but the two broke up because Billy couldn’t handle the thought of raising a rapist’s child.

Viewers are interested to watch how Freddie responds to meeting his biological father because Alex McSweeney will be reprising his role as Graham Foster.

Chris Clenshaw, the show’s creator, told us, “We felt that it was important for Freddie to find out about the circumstances relating to his conception so he can understand and process the identity of his dad.”

During a discussion on Loose Women in February, Clenshaw appeared to announce that Little Mo will be returning. Little Mo could definitely return to Walford because Freddie is in the show, he said.

Does this imply that Little Mo will return to the Square to support her son at what is undoubtedly going to be a difficult time?

Although Kacey Ainsworth, who played the pivotal character of Cathy Keating in the long-running series Grantchester and has appeared in numerous stage productions, has often declared she “never says never” about returning to the programme, she is an incredibly busy performer. ‘I literally don’t have time at the moment,’ she said to Loose Women in May when questioned about going back to EastEnders.

Since he came back, Freddie has been pondering who his true father is (Photo: BBC).

There will be many dissatisfied EastEnders viewers who would dearly love to see the character return to her rightful place.

But Kacey has now potentially given us a slight reason to believe that her character might be returning. A fan made the claim that it was a “war crime” for Freddie to learn about Graham Foster without Mo present on Twitter, and additional followers shared this view.

Later, another individual observed that Kacey had “liked” their Tweets. Kacey then appeared to respond,

‘I have ?’

Naturally, the wink emoji has led to speculation. Could Kacey be preparing for her return to Walford?
Sincerely, we would adore that, but when we contacted EastEnders, a representative said Kacey’s return was not in the works.

However, it doesn’t stop us from wishing, and given that Freddie’s narrative will take front stage in subsequent episodes, surely it won’t be long before Little Mo travels to Walford?

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