Emmerdale spoilers: As Gabby kisses Billy, a new passion is set off

Gabby moves in a way! (Image from ITV)

For some time now, Gabby (Rosie Bentham) has been degenerating into a hot mess, going so far as to disgrace herself by threatening Caleb (Will Ash).

She has tried in vain to move on, even signing up for a dating app, but as that proved to be a dud, she has returned to taking revenge on her ex-boyfriend Nicky (Lewis Cope).

To be fair to the child, lying Nicky has destroyed her entire world, and sadly for her, the rest of the world has continued to go on. What’s worse is that the man who deceived her now has a new squeeze on top of having his foot beneath the table in the hamlet.

Anyone who has it rubbed in their face will probably snap, and with one more straw placed to the camel’s back, she does.

The cherry on top comes when she enters to witness Nicky and Suni sharing a kiss. Only a few weeks have passed since her dream wedding was postponed, and Nicky doesn’t even have the courage to pretend he hasn’t already moved on.

Turning to alcohol is what she does best, and it makes Gabby even more feistier and unreasonable, leading to an attempt to hit Nicky. As if she hadn’t already experienced enough humiliation, she misses and instead hits Billy (Jay Kontzle).

Billy leads her away in an effort to prevent her from further humiliating herself, leaving Nicky feeling just as bad as he should.

Oh my, this is bad. (Image from ITV)

decent egg Billy offers Gabby a shoulder to weep on, but because she is exhausted and in need of care, Gabby interprets this as a come-on and kisses Billy. Gabby gets red-faced both when Billy leaves and when she later sees him after he leaves so quickly.

However, Billy promises to keep their gaffe private in order to spare her further embarrassment. But is it? Gabby’s prolonged gaze indicates that she is not quite finished.

Billy obviously adores Dawn and would never harm her, especially given that she is currently with his first biological child.

However, Kim recently said that Gabby always gets what she wants. Were Kim’s remarks a frightening premonition that Gabby is about to sabotage the village’s happiest marriage?

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