Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Who plays Georgia Sharma when she returns to Emmerdale as Jai’s mother?

Who plays Georgia Sharma when she returns to Emmerdale as Jai’s mother?

Jai Sharma’s mother is Georgia. (Image from ITV)

As the adoption plot for Jai (Chris Bisson) proceeds, Georgia Sharma, Jai’s mother, returned to Emmerdale last night.

She was not, however, given a warm greeting, and her son’s first words to her upon her arrival were, “Get back in that taxi!”

Georgia’s arrival follows Jai’s discovery that his father Rishi (Bhasker Patel), who is looking for information about his real mother and father, has been lying to him his entire life.

Georgia was originally portrayed by Trudie Goodwin from The Bill, but on her second visit to the village, a new actor has been cast.

Then where and who else might you have seen playing Georgia before?

Who is Georgia Sharma’s Emmerdale counterpart?
Lin Blakey presently portrays Georgia Sharma.

Lin exclaimed, “How fortunate am I to play such a strong character as Georgia? ” when asked about the part.

“So different from the recent parts I’ve portrayed! I have relished every second. Fantastic cast & staff! And the breathtaking Dales. I appreciate Emmerdale.

After four years on the show, Georgia (played by Trudie Goodwin) last seen in Emmerdale in 2015 when she left for a cruise.

Now playing the part is Lin Blakey. (Image via Getty)

What other roles has Lin Blakey played?
Lin is no stranger to soap operas; from 2014 until 2022, she intermittently appeared as Pam Coker on the rival programme EastEnders.

Les Coker’s wife, Pam, also known as “Birdie” (Roger Sloman), worked as a funeral director.

The couple’s grandson Paul (Jonny Labey) moved to the square with them while they lived in Walford.

Pam and Lez eventually left Walford to deal with Paul’s grief after he sadly passed away in a homophobic attack in 2016.

Along with EastEnders, Lin has also appeared in Silent Witness, Doctors, Casualty, Vera, and Vera.

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