Bhasker Patel, an Emmerdale actor, reacts when Rishi Sharma passes away in a devastating wedding twist.

In Emmerdale, Rishi had a horrible ending. (Image from ITV)

Following a shocking surprise that saw Rishi Sharma murdered off on his son Jai’s wedding day, Bhasker Patel has thought back on his time playing the role in Emmerdale.

Since Jai discovered that Rishi is not his biological father, there has been plenty of hostility between Rishi and Jai (Chris Bisson).

Rishi’s refusal to reveal who Jai’s real father was caused Jai to shun him and forbid him from attending his wedding to Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy), which further exacerbated matters.

The news that Rishi’s own brother is actually Jai’s father was ultimately revealed during Thursday’s (July 27) episode of the ITV soap opera, shocking everyone.

The father and son combo exchanged harsh words, and it appeared like Rishi wouldn’t be invited to the wedding. However, after giving it some thinking, Jai decided that he urgently wanted his dad to be present to witness his marriage.

When Rishi learned about Jai’s change of heart, he got ready to head to the church. However, he never made it there, and the patriarch was found dead at the foot of the stairs in the last seconds of the expedition.

At the bottom of the stairs, Rishi was observed (ITV).

We swear we’re not sobbing.

Bhasker, who has portrayed Rishi on the soap for more than ten years, expressed his appreciation for his time there and said he will ‘enormously’ miss Emmerdale.

He said, “Thanks for watching Rishi over the years.”

“I consider it an honour to have participated in the show for 12 years.” I have enjoyed it greatly and shall greatly miss it, especially my friends and my job in the lovely village of Emmerdale. I appreciate your attention. Be careful, Bhasker.

On Friday, July 28, the plot will continue with Jai finding his father’s body at Holdgate.

Friday, July 28 at 7:30 p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX, Emmerdale resumes.

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