Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Locals of Coronation Street furious with significant Rovers changes

Locals of Coronation Street furious with significant Rovers changes

What will occur after that? (Image from ITV)

Future episodes of Coronation Street feature angry residents who realize changes are afoot at the Rovers Return Pub.

Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), who has operated the bar alone since her breakup with Johnny (Richard Hawley), is currently the owner. Staff members Daisy (Charlotte Jordan), Sean (Antony Cotton), Glenda (Jodie Prenger), and Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) assist Jenny, who has been running the business for a while.

Coming up, it appears the continuous housing crisis is having a significant effect on the bar, as Jenny informs Owen (Ben Hull) that the establishment is having financial difficulties.

Businessman Owen believes Jenny should simply sell up, but Jenny makes it obvious that’s not an option.

Stephen (Todd Boyce), who overhears the talk, suggests that she decrease the portion sizes of the food and drink rather than changing the prices. Jenny tests this theory out, but when there is a loud bang from the kitchen and the lights go out, it goes horribly wrong.

Jenny is having trouble with the literature. (Image from ITV)

Jenny then informs Daisy and Glenda that she is raising the price of the bar and the room rental per Stephen’s recommendation. The consumers are utterly displeased with the price increases, and the staff are equally astonished when they learn she is reducing their shifts.

After an unsuccessful attempt to host a darts night, Jenny discovers some locals playing darts in Ed’s (Trevor Michael Georges) backyard that evening.

Jenny informs Daisy that, given the state of business, they have little choice but to permanently close the bar in the coming weeks.

Is this actually it?

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