After Lola’s passing, EastEnders confirms the name of Jay’s upcoming relationship.

Jay is about to start a new relationship, but will it only be amicable? (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

In EastEnders, Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) has been enduring excruciating pain since his wife Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) passed away, but he might soon find solace in the arms of another lady.

Jay will try to enjoy a few peaceful moments of meditation while drinking alone in The Albert in subsequent scenes.

His tranquilly will soon be disturbed, though, by Gina Knight (Francesca Henry), whose decision to join sister Anna (Molly Rainford) in the ongoing hunt for mother Rose Knight, who has vanished, has shaken her.

Invoking her own experience of growing up without her mother, Gina begs Jay to take excellent care of Lexi (Isabella Brown) in the wake of her mother’s passing while she downs many drinks.

Gina quickly puts a hand on Jay’s leg as the two continue to drink together.

Jay promptly offers an explanation and exits the bar after seeing he was given the short end of the stick.

Gina and her sister Anna compete the following day to distribute the most flyers advertising the Queen Vic.

Gina rushes to the auto lot to drop off some flyers, but she soon finds herself in the middle of a conversation with Jay.

The topic of Lexi comes up once more, and Gina gives Jay advise on how to best care for her while relating her own experience of growing up without her mother.

The two are getting along well and decide to move over the unpleasant event from the previous evening.

Is Gina and Jay’s relationship developing romantically now, or will it always be platonic?

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