Emmerdale spoilers: After discovering Nicky with Suni, Gabby engages in a savage attack.

Gabby’s rage is becoming worse (ITV image)

According to the proverb, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” and Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) of Emmerdale is currently feeling quite scorned.

On her wedding day, Gabby’s too-perfect-to-be-true fiancé Nicky (Lewis Cope) broke the heartbreaking news that he couldn’t wed her because he is gay. Not only that, but Nicky’s father Caleb (William Ash) had planned to ruin Kim Tate (Claire King) by fabricating their entire relationship.

The embarrassment of having to cancel the wedding in such a situation was only increased later on by Nicky’s choice to remain in the hamlet. Gabby resolved to exact her retribution on him because seeing him all the time has been a pain in her side.

It didn’t work out for her to call the police and denounce him for his various offences, such as pretending to be a nanny, fabricating references, and being a general scam artist. Knowing that she didn’t want the authorities interfering with her business concerns, Kim quickly refuted her charges.

When Gabby sees Nicky kissing Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana), she will become even more enraged in forthcoming episodes. She finds it upsetting that Nicky seems to have moved on with his life since splitting up with Ally (Josh Horrocks), and she can’t stand to see him happy while she’s still in pain.

Gabby’s still hurting (Picture: ITV)

So she gets very drunk, and then later picks a fight with Nicky – and takes a violent swing at him, aiming to punch him in the face.

Her punch misses, however, and she ends up smacking Billy (Jay Kontzle) instead. Billy leads her away from Nicky, trying to calm her down before she gets into even more trouble.

Gabby, though, misinterprets his kindness and moves in for a kiss.

Billy is sweet about it and gently rejects her, telling her that he won’t bring up the near-kiss with his expecting wife Dawn (Olivia Bromley), because he knows it was just an oversight on Gabby’s part.

However, it appears that Gabby may have other plans since, with her beer goggles firmly in place, she begins to see Billy in a completely different light and seems to have her eyes set on yet another totally unobtainable and inappropriate man.

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