Cain risks jail time when he assists Dan and Amelia in eluding the police in Emmerdale.

Cain is willing to assist. (Image from ITV)

Emmerdale’s Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) entered a guilty plea in court, and after learning with horror that the guy he hit has passed away from his wounds, Dan and Amelia (Daisy Campbell) devise a daring plan to flee together in order to prevent Dan from going to jail in upcoming episodes.

Liam Fox told us, “After talking to Amelia, he thinks about it and thinks about it again, and he just thinks there’s no way out of this.” He finds it intolerable to consider being apart from his daughter and granddaughter. He understands that he won’t be at all adapted to life in a prison. He seemed to have no other choice but to flee at that point.

Dan goes to Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), who has been standing by him ever since the fateful day he hit Lloyd, because he knows he will need help coordinating this.
Liam outlined the scenes in which his character and Cain are formulating a strategy.

He said, “There’s some lovely stuff with Cain and Dan.” There have been many instances where Cain and Dan have appeared to be bullies to one another throughout the years, but in this particular plot, he proves to be a tremendous assistance to the other. He wants to assist Dan because he knows that he will have a difficult time adjusting to life in prison. Cain does his best to assist set him up so he can escape and encourages him, even though he kind of thinks it’s probably not a good idea for him to run away. He arranges for him to have this car, connects him with a contact in Ireland, and sends him out.

Amelia and Dan are in severe need (ITV image)

In spite of his reservations, Cain arranges ferry tickets, a burner phone and a car for Dan despite being aware that it is a risky course of action and that his friend is terrified of going to jail.

Cain’s involvement in assisting a convicted felon on the run is likewise extremely perilous. When Dan doesn’t show up for sentence, the police are likely to investigate him first due to his own criminal history and the fact that he’s Dan’s friend and coworker. If his involvement in the escape is discovered, Cain may have to go to jail.

Could Dan and Amelia have possibly made things worse for themselves and Cain as they leave Emmerdale behind them and head off?

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