Spoilers for Coronation Street: Max makes a choice as Lauren pines for his love

Max must decide. (Image from ITV)

When former girlfriend Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) returned to Max Turner’s life, everything on Coronation Street was upended. Max Turner (Paddy Bever) was trying to put his past behind him and settle into his new relationship with Sabrina (Luana Santos).

When the far-right gang terrorised Weatherfield, Lauren was a member of the group that groomed Max and encouraged him to take part in some risky, wrong, and illegal activities. Although it came out that Lauren had been brainwashed in many respects just as much as Max, her father Reece (Scott Anson), a member of the gang, had been using her to entice Max into the group’s dark mentality.

Following the tragic incidents that resulted in Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) being stabbed, the numerous gang members were apprehended. Prior to Max serving his sentence at a guarded training facility, Lauren had moved out of Weatherfield to live with her mother.

She recently returned and informed Max that her father had asked her to help him. Additionally, she made an attempt to kiss Max, showing that she still has affections for him. Max argued that he only considered her as a friend because he had grown apart from Sabrina.

Shona (Julia Goulding) secures Lauren a position at the cafe in subsequent episodes. Although Lauren’s first day isn’t fully successful, Shona is encouraging and gives Roy (David Neilson) the reassurance that she will soon get the swing of things.

Max is caught off guard by Lauren (ITV image).

Since Sabrina wants to spend time with him, Max texts Lauren to let her know he won’t be coming even though he had promised to drop by and offer his support. He is unaware that Lauren, who is observing him somberly from across the street as he walks home with Sabrina, is clearly upset that Max is spending time with the other girl.

Max must make a crucial choice, meantime, as Sabrina is troubled by his continued connection with Lauren, who has previously voiced racist sentiments. Sabrina admits to Max that she really likes him but that he and Lauren are too much of a match for her.

Max struggles with choosing between his love for Sabrina and his commitment to Lauren. How will he make his decision?

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