Bernice has a passionate warning for Bob over betraying Wendy in Emmerdale

Bernice shares her opinions. (Image from ITV)

So now that the cat is out of the bag, Tony Audenshaw’s character in Emmerdale, Bob, has been left completely inconsolable by Wendy’s (Susan Cookson) betrayal of the neighbourhood doctor over her need to be desired. But he is incredibly eager to see a solution.

He was placed in a horrible predicament since, although Bernice (Samantha Giles) so appropriately referred to her as “Wandering Wendy and the Dirty Doc,” he still loved her and so did his children. Can he get over this?

Being known as “Bonking Bob,” he can’t quite blame Wendy for her wandering gaze, but he still finds it difficult to deal with the pitying stares from the rest of the community while also wanting to hold onto Wendy.

He intervened even though Wendy had already started packing her bags, suggesting that they should instead speak it out and try to come up with a solution. However, it’s simpler said than done.

It was never going to last for very long. (Image from ITV)

Wendy is pleading with Bob for forgiveness after receiving a glimmer of hope, but he is instead doing everything in his power to avoid her while labouring under the weight of the pain.
But as Bernice, of all people, puts out, that behaviour can only lead in one direction. Bob must put up with Wendy’s behaviour or else she might leave forever. Can he put his pride aside and keep them together?

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