Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale reveals two legendary’ departures as they get ready to say farewell

Emmerdale reveals two legendary’ departures as they get ready to say farewell

Amelia is frightened of losing Dan. (Image from ITV)

The main subject of conversation in David’s shop on Monday’s (August 7) Emmerdale was Dan Spencer (Liam Fox). Eric (Chris Chittell) and Rodney (Patrick Mower) talked about the fact that Dan had punched someone who afterwards passed away. They both agreed that Dan was facing a prison term, so Eric reasoned, “It’s hardly going to be a slap on the wrist.”

When Dan entered the room, they weren’t discussing anything he wasn’t already aware of. Dan is now facing a lengthy prison sentence after pleading guilty to GBH and landing one punch on Lloyd (Matt Sutton), who had been stalking Amelia (Daisy Campbell), when he lost it. After Lloyd passed away, the charge was modified to manslaughter, but Dan’s plea is still valid, and he is currently awaiting sentencing.

Liam Fox told us about the event that permanently altered Dan’s life. ’In the specific scene where he actually punches Lloyd, only moments earlier, he was giggling and making jokes about grilling pork steaks with Cain (Jeff Hordley), and just moments later, he had punched a man, knocking him to the ground. That effectively illustrates how Dan’s life has changed in a few seconds to become one of constant concern.

One of his main concerns is leaving Amelia and the infant Esther while he is in jail. Amelia should move in with her brother Sean because he isn’t confident she could manage without him.

Amelia came up with a different strategy because she didn’t want to do it. They might leave on foot.

She does not like to be separated from her father. All she truly has is her dad, Daisy Campbell said. She hasn’t had a lot of family recently because they’ve either moved away or died. I believe that because her father is her support system, she simply cannot be separated from him. I believe this is the reason they are only left with the alternative of fleeing.

Amelia is in need. (Image from ITV)

Daisy classified Amelia’s current way of thinking as “delusional.”

She described it as a “false reality.” “Amelia does get ahead of herself, she does that quite a bit,” someone once said. She follows through on her ideas once she has them. But I believe she is wondering, “Is this going to work?” in the back of her mind. She needs to consider Esther, Noah (Jack Downham), and everyone else she has ever been friendly with. I believe she is capable, but only because she is slightly delusional.

To escape the Dales and find a new life in Ireland, father and daughter will enlist Cain Dingle’s assistance in upcoming episodes.

But will Amelia’s plan be successful? Liam Fox revealed that his character is seriously unsure.

He is aware, deep down, that the response is untrue. You’ll eventually be discovered. It won’t last indefinitely. He understands that it’s essentially a fantasy world.

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