Spoilers for Coronation Street: The end of an era! Just as the Rovers’ lights go out, Jenny apologises to Betty.

Jenny is uncertain about what may occur next (Images: ITV).

Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews)’s future on Coronation Street is in doubt after an attempt to win over the Newton family failed miserably.

Due to financial issues, the adored character lately realised that she would need to make some adjustments in the pub.

She also understood that a brewery purchasing the bar would lessen the likelihood of any significant changes occurring while also pleasing the neighbourhood.

In light of this, Jenny and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) hosted a gathering for Philip and Henry Newton (George Banks), who work for the brewer company Newton and Ridley, tonight (August 7).

Unfortunately, things started off horribly when Glenda (Jodie Prenger) said that she would be unable to sing due to a sore throat.

Glenda assured Jenny and Daisy that she had found a substitute named Glyn Young, but the fact that he was an elderly guy with hearing aids didn’t inspire confidence.

Uncertainty surrounds Jenny’s future at the bar (Image: ITV).

Thankfully, Glyn ended up being a huge success. Everyone in the crowded pub enjoyed singing along to the famous songs that Glyn was screaming out. What else could go wrong, thought Jenny and Daisy, since they were confident that the evening would turn out well?

As it happens, quite a bit.

Glenda vented to Glyn about Philip in the back room. Glenda expressed her tremendous discomfort with Philip’s perverse actions, but she was unaware that the microphone on the table was still turned on and that her remarks were being broadcast over the speakers.

Glyn then became ill and needed to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance, as if that weren’t enough.

Henry gently informed Jenny that they wouldn’t be purchasing the pub and gave her the contact information of a developer as people started to leave.

Jenny was sitting alone, the pub closed, thinking about the future.
Jenny called the developer and left a voicemail requesting them to contact her since she felt she had no other option.

She stood up, took a longing look at her house, apologised to herself as she stared at the photo of Betty, and then turned out the lights.

What will happen to the Rovers Return now?

Can you preserve it?

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