‘Confirmed’ in newly recorded scenes is Stephen Reid’s retribution on Coronation Street, according to leaks

Stephen and Tim appear in new Coronation Street scenes (Picture: SplashNews.com)

Stephen Reid of Coronation Street will eventually receive his due, according to soap opera law, and the killer’s reign of terror will surely come to an end.

Little is known about how or why Stephen will atone for his misdeeds, but it is obvious that he is on borrowed time as the walls are about to close in on him in the ensuing scenes.

As viewers are aware, the businessman-turned-murderer has already claimed the lives of three victims; his father Teddy and love rival Leo were the first two to suffer a bloody demise at his hands.

Rufus, a customer at the business, was the third victim. When he tried to extort Stephen, who retaliated by drowning him in his own pool, things became tragic for Rufus.

While he has so far gotten away with his crimes, Stephen has made a number of amateur errors, like leaving a tie-pin at the scene of Rufus’ murder and alienating Tim Metcalfe and Peter Barlow, who both have a distrust for him.

Tim in particular has expressed his concerns, and the two have engaged in a contentious confrontation regarding their relationship with Elaine Jones earlier this year.

Stephen’s actor Todd Boyce was spotted filming upcoming sequences on site. Images via SplashNews.com

Actor Todd Boyce, who plays Stephen, was seen filming scenes for the ITV soap opera on location in Manchester on Tuesday, August 8, as storyline production continues.

But he wasn’t alone; Joe Duttine, who played Tim Metcalfe, was also present for the photo shoot. But why exactly are Stephen and Tim gathered along a secret roadside where no one can see them?

Stephen’s time is up, right? Images via SplashNews.com
Tim may have discovered Stephen’s plans. Images via SplashNews.com

Tim may have discovered Stephen’s plans. Or did Stephen lure Tim to the isolated place with the intention of killing someone else?

Todd recently talked on Stephen’s punishment, indicating that he thinks his character will eventually pass away.

During filming, Todd and Joe posed for a photo together (Image: SplashNews.com).

He said to Inside Soap, “I share a dressing room with Dan Brocklebank [who plays Billy Mayhew], who is just so much fun and so wonderful.”

He claims that every person who has sat in my chair has passed away! It’s kind of a haunted chair, then. Dan has been a part of the show for ten years; that’s a little concerning!”

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