Colin exposes a nasty scheme to put Marshall to conversion therapy in the upcoming episode of Emmerdale.

Colin mistreated his son both physically and mentally (Images: ITV).

The father of Marshall (Max Fletcher) in Emmerdale, Colin Hamston (Mark Noble), has made more revelations about how he would physically and emotionally abuse his son and how he wants to send him to an American conversion camp.

It became clear that Marshall was unable to come out because of the dread Colin had instilled in him when his sexuality was first made public.

Fortunately, Marshall gradually found his inner peace and was able to courageously tell Colin that he is gay with assistance from Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) and Arthur (Alfie Clarke).

Homophobic Colin thought that being near Laurel and Arthur had affected Marshall’s perspective. Because of his domineering nature, he frequently left his kid afraid; in fact, Laurel discovered bruises on Marshall’s arms from his father grabbing him.

To Colin, Marshall rose and announced that he would be living with Laurel and Jai (Chris Bisson) and had lately made the decision to leave the hamlet entirely in order to visit his aunt.

To stay with his aunt, Marshall has departed Emmerdale (Image: ITV).

The previous few weeks, Colin’s mental health has progressively deteriorated. In an attempt to improve himself and get Marshall back, he recently kidnapped Laurel while blaming her for everything that had gone wrong in his life.

Laurel questioned Colin about the door’s padlock in Marshall’s bedroom during the episode that aired on Wednesday, August 9.

Colin later told Laurel that he intended to send his son to a conversion camp in the United States after he returned, claiming that Marshall occasionally needed “alone time” to think about his actions.

‘Conversion therapy’ practitioners try to alter a person’s sexual orientation or stifle their gender identity, so it was understandable that Laurel was outraged when she learned Colin sought to brainwash Marshall.

When Laurel refused to speak to the teenager and even made an attempt to flee the house, she was tied to a bed and left helpless.

Will someone reach her in time, then?

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