During their Croatian vacation, Daisy Campbell and Rosie Bentham enjoyed idyllic boat rides and breathtaking sunsets.

Daisy and Rosie, who play best friends on Emmerdale, are on vacation this summer (Photo by Rosie Bentham/Daisy Campbell/Instagram).

Rosie Bentham and Daisy Campbell from Emmerdale have taken a plane to Croatia.

And their cheerful Instagram stories have given soap lovers a preview of their summer vacation.

Rosie, 22, who plays Gabby Thomas, and Daisy, 20, who plays Amelia Spencer, appear to be best friends off-screen and have previously gone on vacations together.

The actresses enjoyed a weekend in Paris earlier this year, but their trip to Ibiza in the summer of 2022 didn’t quite go as planned.

This time, it appears like they are in Split, a sizable Croatian city set on a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Additionally, they recently uploaded video on their Instagram Stories from a picture-perfect boat ride.

They have taken off for Split, Croatia. (Image credit: Instagram, Rosie Bentham)

Daisy and Rosie can be seen leaping off the boat and diving into the azure waves in the videos.

Additionally, they have uploaded photos of themselves wearing life jackets as they practise kayaking.

Split is a well-known tourist destination in part because of its history and the iconic Diocletian’s Palace, which Game of Thrones fans may recognise as a Meereen filming location.

The Adriatic Sea is jumped into by Daisy. (Image credit: Instagram, Rosie Bentham)
Rosie was also caught on camera jumping in (Photo by Daisy Campbell on Instagram).
Popular vacation destination Split is known for breathtaking views like this. Daisy Campbell/Instagram, for example,

Also accessible by car in one and a half hours are the magnificent waterfalls of Krka National Park.
Daisy and Rosie appear to have visited Hvar, known as the “queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands,” according to earlier social media posts.

The seaside Hula Hula Bar on Hvar was mentioned in previous Instagram images of a night out.

The warm weather of the Balkans will undoubtedly be a nice change from the historic washout summer in the UK.

Rosie and Daisy have been to Paris and Ibiza together in the past (Photo via Rosie Bentham on Instagram).

Following a blistering heatwave, Split, for instance, anticipates searing temperatures of 31C today (August 15), with highs of 34C predicted on Saturday (August 19).

The conclusion of certain significant storylines for Daisy and Rosie’s Emmerdale characters coincides with their break.

Amelia is scared when her father Dan (Liam Fox) is sentenced to prison for killing her stalker Lloyd with a single punch and sending him to the hospital. She even attempts to get him to flee Emmerdale.

Daisy’s role as Amelia Spencer on Emmerdale is well known. David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock provided the image.
Fans of Emmerdale will recognise Rosie as Gabby Thomas. David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock provided the image.

The recent devastation caused to Gabby Thomas by her fiancĂ© Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) finding out he was gay on their wedding day, as well as her ill-advised advances on happily married Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), didn’t go as planned, have left her in a terrible situation.

Since ex-boyfriend Nicky is still residing in the village and has moved on to a new relationship, maybe Gabby needs a vacation of her own.

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