Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Bob dumps Wendy as his secret health battle is revealed

Emmerdale spoilers: Bob dumps Wendy as his secret health battle is revealed

Bob claimed that there was no turning back. (Images via ITV)

Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw), who experienced a catastrophic heart attack on Monday’s (August 14) episode of Emmerdale, awoke the next morning in a hospital bed after undergoing heart surgery.

He was fighting with Dr. Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), his love rival, just before the heart attack, and he punched the GP in the face. For Bob, the tension and exhilaration were overwhelming. He started to hold his chest and collapsed to the ground. Liam and Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) had to act quickly to use a defibrillator in order to save his life.

Soon after Bob awoke, Liam visited the hospital to apologise for his affair with Wendy (Susan Cookson), Bob’s partner, which had devastated Bob so badly that it nearly cost him his life.

Liam was quickly kicked out by Bob, who was not in the mood to help Liam feel better about the affair. However, when Wendy returned, it appeared that Bob had chosen to pardon her. He claimed to still love her, but he had to let her know something.

When he was talking to his doctors, they inquired as to whether he had ever seen any symptoms that suggested a potential cardiac condition. Things he hadn’t noticed, including nervousness and fatigue. But it appears that he did have one symptom: erectile dysfunction. He claimed that despite his long-standing concerns, he had kept them to himself because he didn’t want Wendy to treat him like a patient.

Wendy was a little taken aback by this information. She had been Bob’s companion and a nurse, but she had been unaware that something was amiss. She merely assumed that Bob was experiencing the side effects of consuming too much wine before going to bed. He acknowledged that he had also taken steps to prevent her from noticing, such as avoiding situations where he may be required to perform.

He admitted to Wendy that he had put her in Liam’s arms by failing to meet her requirements, but Wendy denied this, claiming that she had felt taken advantage of. Poor Bob, who was feeling very insecure about the whole thing, didn’t fully accept that his failure to provide had not directly led to her affair with Liam.

After striking Liam, Bob suffered a heart attack (Image: ITV).

Wendy criticised him for attempting to construct an entire narrative around his victimisation and advised him to put things in the past so he wouldn’t feel sick every time he saw Liam. She began by saying that now that they were aware of the issue, they could take appropriate action.

Bob said, “I’m not taking part in your project.” This is not your problem; it’s mine. All done. For good this time, it’s over.

‘I can’t stand you around me,’ he said as he gave her the order to leave the hospital room.

This time, does he really mean it? Or is he merely attempting to avoid dealing with his issue?

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