Spoilers for Coronation Street: Kind Roy’s flawless response to hurt Lauren’s abrupt sexual approach

Roy made an effort to assist Lauren (ITV photos)

In Monday’s (August 14) episode of Coronation Street, Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) dropped by the cafe to inform Roy Cropper (David Neilson) that she is quitting her job.

One exchange in particular captured the newcomer’s fragility as she believed Roy would desire sex with her in exchange for a room and food for the night as the conversation progressed.

After yet another unpleasant interaction with Max (Paddy Bever), Lauren felt embarrassed. When they were both members of Griff’s (Michael Condron) extremist gang, Lauren and Max were romantically involved, but it’s been obvious since Max’s release from the STC that he only wants to be friends with Lauren.

When she arrived at the café, she informed Roy that she would no longer be serving customers there since she didn’t want to enhance the likelihood that she would run into Max.

Roy was worried about Lauren, who also claimed that she would probably sleep on the streets because she didn’t want to return to the Platt family.

Beloved Roy, who has a reputation for assisting troubled individuals, told Lauren that she may stay on the sofa in his flat since he would otherwise lose sleep if he knew she would be homeless.

Lauren expressed her gratitude for the offer and then went on to say that Roy is probably “lonely” and needs something.

When Roy sensed the teen was making a sexual move towards him, he stopped Lauren right away.

Roy was interested in learning more about Lauren’s thoughts following his thoughtful gesture, but Lauren felt uncomfortable and could not look at him.

Roy was speechless (ITV image).

When Roy realised that asking “what prompted you” would lay the blame on Lauren—a young woman—he resisted the urge to ask it.

After that, he asked, “Did I do or say anything which may have led you to believe that I was expecting you?” to make sure Lauren, who was obviously hurt, realised she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Roy was leaving to get a drink of water when he heard Lauren ask for one after they had settled their differences.

Lauren will regrettably have to spend the night alone and on the streets after all, he realised that she had left.

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