As a major week for Cindy Beale’s return to Walford is confirmed, EastEnders offers major spoilers.

Cindy chooses to go back home. (Image: BBC)

In forthcoming episodes of EastEnders, Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) returns to Walford.

When it was revealed that she had been posing as Rose Knight after being arrested, the much-loved figure made a shocking comeback a few months ago.

Cindy was informed that she may relocate from France to England if she so desired and that she was no longer had to live as Rose. Naturally, she was horrified by this information, but at the end of August, Cindy makes the courageous decision to move back to Albert Square, where she had lived for so many years.

We can discover a little bit about what lies ahead for Cindy, Ian (Adam Woodyatt), and Peter (Thomas Law), as well as the Knight family, who are still ignorant that Rose Knight is actually Cindy, thanks to the BBC’s programme information.
So let’s get started:

Monday, August 28: Cindy returns to Walford after 25 years as the Knight family gets ready for Anna’s (Molly Rainford) 21st birthday celebration in the bar.

Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) encounters a ghost from her past as the festivities get started.

Ian and Cindy are currently travelling in France (Photo: BBC).

Who is making a bet that Cindy is the culprit?

Tuesday: Ian has a very unpleasant reunion with friends and foes (we’re still not over Sharon feeding Ian that carbonara, by the way), George (Colin Salmon) finds the truth, Peter gets ready to face the music with Kathy, and George (Colin Salmon) learns the truth.

Wednesday: The entrance of Cindy and Ian shocks everyone in the square, Gina (Francesca Henry) spirals downward, and Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) worries about his marriage.

Thomas is returned in the role of Peter Beale. (Image: BBC)

Thursday: Cindy makes a choice, the Knights are still reeling from recent events, and Alfie (Shane Richie) gives an old buddy a roof over his head.

We have no time to waste!

Thomas Law remarked of playing Peter again, “It was easier [to slip back into the role of Peter] in a way because they wanted to show a more mature and put-together side of Peter this time around.”

“I played Peter for such a long period that I felt like I truly understood him. Adam and Michelle made it easy for me to get back into the role, though, since I had to focus on the fact that Peter just really loves his parents.

The fact that I do love them both made it quite simple for me to do so. That’s not to say I wasn’t anxious on the first day on set, but as I started working with them, all of my anxiety vanished.

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