After the armed police scene, Danniella Westbrook sobs in a Spanish street.

Due to an incident in 2018, the actress was had to pay a fine (Image: Backgrid).

After drama with the Spanish police, Danniella Westbrook, a former EastEnders star, was seen sobbing in public.

While recuperating from recent breast surgery, the actress was vacationing with pals in Ibiza when she was halted at the airport because her passport raised a red flag for security personnel.

In 2018, authorities in Spain kept Danniella for 14 hours before arresting her. She was eventually found guilty of fraud after failing to pay for £39 worth of petrol.

The actress remembers travelling to Benidorm to visit a friend but being unable to pay for the petrol she needed to fill her car.

She gave the employee her driver’s licence and a copy of her passport, but she didn’t come back the next day to pay since she “couldn’t remember where the petrol station was anyway.”

The problem persisted, and as a result, it was brought up at passport control last week, which caused the Sam Mitchell actress to become terrified that she might be sent to jail.

The connection between Danniella and a prisoner recently came to an end (Image: ITV).
She recently expressed her concern about the repayments, believing that considering how much time had passed since the incident, the amount had significantly escalated.

In these updated photos, the actress can be seen in front of a Spanish courthouse; it has been claimed that the fine has escalated to almost 3,000 euros.

In a previous interview, Danniella claimed that shortly after landing in the nation, she was led to a room and met by armed police officials.

In these fresh photos, she can be seen appearing upset while donning a pink shirt and skirt and Christian Dior sliders.

For Danniella, the past few months have been trying. Danniella reportedly broke off her engagement to David, a prisoner, and is now rumoured to be seeing a Turkish businessman.

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