Natalie Cassidy of EastEnders celebrates the 7th birthday of her’mini-me’ daughter.

Natalie Cassidy, an iconic EastEnders performer, celebrated her daughter’s 7th birthday by posting a cute photo to Instagram.

The actress, who is best known for playing Sonia Fowler in the BBC One serial opera, is a mother to two daughters: Eliza, born in 2010, and Joanie, born in 2016.

Joanie is the daughter of Natalie and her fiancé Marc Humphreys, while Eliza is a shared child of Natalie and her ex-partner Adam Cottrell.

The videographer proposed to Natalie and Marc nine years ago, beginning their relationship.

Natalie just shared a cute photo of Joanie on social media. She is pictured grinning next to a balloon for a birthday.

Our 7-year-old Joanie! You excel! You are incredibly smart and witty. Natalie included a note that read, “We all love you so much.”

Co-stars from Natalie’s EastEnders show were present to wish the young girl a happy birthday as well.

While actors like James Farrar (Zack Hudson) and Molly Rainford (Anna Knight) left emoji messages, Linda Carter’s Kellie Bright simply wished Joanie a happy birthday.

A few of the lovely remarks made by her supporters on the image noted how much Joanie resembles her mother.

Recently, Natalie had her dark hair dyed a significantly lighter hue, to the acclaim of both friends and admirers.

Despite the favourable response, Natalie stated on social media that she doesn’t feel like herself and is going back to the hairdresser to have her natural hue.

Sonia is currently engaged in a plot involving a baby (Photo: BBC)

Natalie has been kept busy at work because her character Sonia has started a new journey with partner Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman), which has distracted her from her hair problems.

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), to whom Sonia recently disclosed that she thought she might be pregnant, was shocked to learn of Reiss’ vehemently opposed views on having children.

Reiss discovered the test and revealed that he was unable to have children of his own when he accused Sonia of cheating on him.

The test was negative, and Sonia angrily declared that she wouldn’t lie to him. She came to the conclusion that Reiss wanted children, just not with her after discovering that he had to get tests to find out that he was sterile.

Reiss quickly disproved her by suggesting that they attempt IVF to conceive a child.

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