EastEnders spoilers: Peter becomes concerned as his brother and sister approach romance

Oh, no! (Images courtesy of the BBC)

In forthcoming EastEnders episodes, Peter Beale (now portrayed by Thomas Law) returns to Walford, where he finds Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) has affections for Anna Knight (Molly Rainford), who is also his brother.

It was recently discovered that Anna and Gina’s (Francesca Henry) mother is Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins). She had spent a significant amount of her life hidden as Rose, giving birth to George’s (Colin Salmon) kids throughout that time.

During the episode set in France, it was revealed that Peter was aware of Cindy’s undercover status, but was oblivious of the finer facts – including the fact that he has two additional siblings.

Back in Walford, Bobby is blissfully oblivious that he has a crush on Anna, who is seeking to learn more about her missing mother.

She decides to text her in future episodes since she is fed up with receiving radio silence from her.

Peter discovers the text in France and investigates Ian, who then tells to his son that he has two sisters.

Ian swiftly deletes Anna’s texts and urges Peter not to inform Cindy.

He accepts, but then surprises his father by revealing his intention to travel to Walford to see Anna and Gina.

Thomas Law currently plays Peter. (Image courtesy of the BBC)

Peter eventually takes the Eurostar back to England and arrives to the tavern that evening just as Gina and Anna are paying out.

Bobby goes downstairs the morning to discover Peter napping on the sofa.

Anna has been attempting to learn more about her mother (Image: BBC).

As the day begins, Peter resolves to assist Bobby in making the chippy a success in order to compel Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) not to sell, but instead ends up at the bar spying on his new siblings.

Ben (Max Bowden) enters and offers Peter a mouthful before Gina confesses that Bobby is head over heels in love with Anna.

As the discomfort grows, Peter seeks to break up his siblings’ relationship, but will he do it without telling them the truth about Cindy?

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