Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Emmerdale spoilers: Noah is overwhelmed by Amelia, while new murderer Dan is in pain.

Emmerdale spoilers: Noah is overwhelmed by Amelia, while new murderer Dan is in pain.

Noah makes every effort to assist Amelia. (Images courtesy of ITV)

With Emmerdale shocked by the news that Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering a man, the villagers begin to ponder the news in upcoming episodes.

Dan retaliated against Lloyd (Matt Sutton), the sleazy pervert who had pursued Amelia (Daisy Campbell) after seeing her social media posts online. Lloyd had shown up to Amelia’s salon, claiming to be a customer at first but quickly exposing that he had a crush on her. When Mandy (Lisa Riley) walked in and got rid of him, she was terrified and relieved.

Dan was worried about his daughter after this and went to Lloyd’s job to warn him. Dan approached Lloyd after he rejected the warnings and arrived at the area. When Lloyd made a joke about Amelia, Dan became crimson and threw one punch.

This was all it needed to send Lloyd into a coma. Dan was filled with remorse, and after initially claiming that he had thrown the punch in self-defense, he subsequently revealed everything and pled guilty to GBH. The accusation was modified to manslaughter after Lloyd’s death, but Dan’s guilty plea remained.

Dan was forced to confront the truth that he would most likely be going to prison and would have to leave Amelia and Esther behind after rejecting the thought of fleeing. In heartbreaking circumstances, he said his farewell to his village buddies and braced himself for the punishment that was to come when he was condemned.

Amelia was upset since his sentence was far longer than everyone had predicted. The news quickly made its way back to Emmerdale, where the townspeople tried to comprehend what had occurred.

Amelia will have to confront life without her father in subsequent episodes, which she previously deemed unimaginable. She has a falling out with Noah (Jack Downham), but a chance meeting with Claudette (Flo Wilson) convinces her that Noah has always had her best interests at heart, and she calls him to reconcile.

‘Noah is always there for Amelia,’ Daisy Campbell said. ‘He is her constant rock. He surely reassures her and supports her through thick and thin.’

Simultaneously, Amelia discovers she possesses reservoirs of courage she was unaware of. Noah is astonished by her boldness when she reveals she wants to see Dan in prison the next day.

‘At first, I don’t believe she’d do well because she’s a single mother with education and a career to consider,’ Daisy said. ‘I believe that would take a long to get accustomed to, because she’s always had Dan around.

‘I believe she will learn to deal in due course.’

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